SolusIO is a new platform best suited for in-house virtualization and as a cloud hosting solution.
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Manage virtual machines from one central point.


Set up your configuration using cloud-init and deployment tools.


Deploy and speed up your projects in a matter of seconds.


Scale your infrastructure with our simple and intuitive API.

A Control Panel Experience Made Simple

Customizable self-
service control panel
Simple, user-
friendly API
Easy billing
system integration
Open vSwitch
Support for
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Still Going Through Digital Transformation?

Our goal is to give our partners and customers the solutions they need for their unique digital transformation journeys.

Get Ready for New Opportunities

Changing demands

Across industries, companies must leverage technology to deepen customer experience and create new market opportunities. At its foundation, that requires an evolving IT infrastructure to meet changing demands and innovate faster.

For Enterprises

We eliminate the complexities of virtual infrastructure management by offering blazing fast, on-demand VMs, a simple API, and an easy-to-use self-service control panel for customers, on top of a powerful administration control panel for service providers.

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Powerful technologies

SolusIO provides a set of powerful virtualization technologies with support for hypervisor and container-based virtualization.

Manage KVM virtual machines from one central point. Support for OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, and others will be added in the upcoming releases.


SolusIO utilizes cloud-init to configure and manage the virtual servers, allowing maximum compatibility with the pre-built distribution images available from popular vendors.

Modify and/or build your own images that can be provisioned without additional costs.

SOLUS IO is Built for Business

We prioritize customer experience and create a better way to simplify virtualization management.

For Service Providers

SolusIO enables service providers to sell virtual servers to their customers via a self-service portal giving the ability to deploy and manage virtual servers on demand.

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For Enterprises

SolusIO enables enterprises to deploy and manage virtual servers on demand within their private internal infrastructure. Want to be an early adopter?

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FOR Web Professionals

SolusIO gives web professionals the power to deploy virtual machines using the fully featured API and dispose of them when done.

Lower internal IT project costs and delays due to cloud deployments and configuration

Allow easy deployment of Linux or Windows, Plesk or cPanel virtual servers as well applications such as WordPress, Gitlab, NextCloud or WHMCS out of the box as a turnkey solution.

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What our customers say

"SolusIO is all about simplification and innovation across the virtualization stack" - NetNation

SolusIO received top ratings for

  • Cost reduction
  • Administration
  • Managed Services
  • App Management
  • Billing integration

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